Transforming Capital Expense Approval Processes: A Case Study with Legacy Senior Living

By Toni Buffa | Published March 8, 2024

In our latest case study, we dive into Legacy Senior Living's remarkable journey as they modernized their capital expense (CapEx) approval processes with Integrify. As a faith-centered and family-owned organization offering premier senior living facilities across seven states in the Eastern United States, Legacy Senior Living faced challenges in managing its CapEx requests and approval procedures.

Before integrating workflow automation, Legacy Senior Living relied on paper-based documentation and email attachments for approvals, leading to inefficiencies and delays. Blake Ray, the VP of Asset Management, highlighted the struggles encountered, including lost emails and incomplete signature packets, prompting the organization to seek a solution that could streamline their processes.

Legacy Senior Living needed to digitize their CapEx workflows. Recognizing the potential for transformation, Blake and his team embarked on implementation with Integrify, swiftly grasping the platform's intuitive features and building their first process within two months.

The initial focus centered on the Capital Expense Approval Process, designed to facilitate approvals for major purchases, repairs, and upgrades across the organization's locations. With Integrify in place, Legacy Senior Living experienced significant improvements in process efficiency and user satisfaction.

Beyond CapEx approvals, Legacy Senior Living is actively expanding Integrify's usage to other critical processes, such as vendor and contract reviews and payroll bonus approvals. The success achieved with Integrify has positioned Legacy Senior Living for continued growth and innovation, with endless possibilities for future integration.

Discover how Legacy Senior Living revolutionized its operations and embraced digital transformation with Integrify, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and productivity in senior living management. Read the full case study for insights into their journey and the transformative impact of workflow automation.

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Toni Buffa

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