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With Integrify's workflow management software, your business processes will be configured and deployed quickly and accurately. Build it yourself or leverage our service team to move even faster. We've worked with hundreds of clients to automate their workflow operations.

The Benefits of Workflow Management

At the end of the day, why do companies invest in workflow management to replace manual processes?

  • Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling.

  • Reduce errors and re-work.

  • Reduce risk of improperly approved requests, contracts, hires, etc.

  • Improve compliance with audit trails.

  • Increase output and increase productivity (this goes for people handling requests as well as requestors).

  • A unified, personalized request experience for employees.

For the complete list, visit our workflow management benefits page.

How is Workflow Management Software Deployed?

Integrify's workflow management software can be deployed however you need it. We offer cloud-based SaaS, private cloud or on-premise versions so you can meet any organizational standards as needed. We'll help you get up and running no matter what version you choose and all versions have the same features and tools.

A typical deployment includes a best practice project management framework with our service teams which you can read more about here. Our service and implementation team are experienced and focused on getting you up and running quickly. We also provide ongoing coaching and training as needed.


workflow management software example
Managing workflows begins with drag and drop process building.


Workflow Examples

Every organization and every department has their own use cases for workflow management. Finance might need to automate expense requests. HR might need to automate employee onboarding workflow. IT might need a system for incident management. While there are point solutions that attempt to handle these distinct needs, the better option is to go with a workflow platform that is A) department and industry agnostic and B) customizable to your organization's unique processes and needs. For a list of examples where workflow management can be used, visit our Workflow Examples page.

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